Donner Lake Triathlon – July 22-23, 2017

Kids Triathlon

Donner Lake Kids Triathlon

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The Donner Lake Kids Triathlon is an actual triathlon featuring the swim-bike-run format for kids ages 4 to 15. The focus of the event is to provide a triathlon experience to this age group in a non-competitive and fun atmosphere.

The Donner Lake Kids Triathlon follows the classic form of triathlon featuring the three disciplines of swim, bike and run in that order.  The swim is in Donner Lake at West End Beach.  This is a sandy bottom smooth transition from land to lake area.  The swim course is marked with buoys for the turns and has water safety staff monitoring the course.  Age divisions start separately and are divided into groups or waves based on the number of entrants.  After completing the swim participants head to the transition area located close the lake shore on a grass field.  Kids set up their bikes and other gear in the transition area.  They transition from the swim to the bike and then from the bike to the run in this location.  The transition area has rows that are numbered.  Kids find their spot based on the bib#.  Volunteers and staff help in the transition to assist with the gear and directions.  Once transitioned to the bike participants head out the bike course.  Volunteers and course marking show the way.  Once the bike course is complete riders head back into the transition area and transition to the run.  Again volunteers and course markings show the way.  The run course and the event ends at the finish line and arch where each competitor is giving a finishing medal.  There is post event food (fruit, etc.) provided to all participants.

Click here for USA Triathlon recommended competition distances for youth.

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Swim: The swim courses are near shore. Younger ages can stand if needed. Corners are marked by large buoys and water safety staff are positioned along the way. The average water temperature of Donner Lake in July is 69 degrees.

Bike: The bike courses take place on South Shore Drive and are paved. Each distance course has a designated turn-around location. Riders stay on the right side of the road.

Mount/Dismount Area: There is a designated spot where riders can mount and then dismount their bikes on the way in and out of the transition area. This is a safety measure to control speed.

Run: The run courses are on surface streets and depending on the distance they are a loop or an out and back.


Remember, kids are NOT adults and need special coaching and training to succeed and stay safe! Read these great Youth Tips from USA Triathlon to prepare for the Donner Lake Kids Triathlon.

Race Distances

Age Division Swim Bike Run
13-15 300 meters 9K 3K
11-12 200 meters 5K 2K
9-10 100 meters 3K 1K
7-8 50 meters 2K 1K
6 & under 25 meters 1K 500 meters

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Kids Triathlon

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